The Truffle Fork – Iain Burnett

Perthshire truffle specialist Iain Burnett won the Worlds Best Dark Truffle award in 2016 for his Classic Velvet Truffle, a sublime ganache made with single source São Tomé cocoa and fresh Scottish cream. Presented in sleek black boxes they aren’t unlike other luxury chocolate brands. What is different however, is the inclusion of a truffle fork, a subtle but ingenious move which lays the foundations for a tasting ritual which showcases the outstanding quality of these handmade chocolate truffles.

Burnett’s fresh cream truffles are without a couverture ( the hard shell which is common with machine filled truffles) yet still maintain sleek rectangular shape. The inclusion of a the fork is there to highlight the result of the time consuming and top secret 3 day process which sets the truffles in their unique rectangular shape. Using fingers to eat the truffles has the potential to change the temperature of the cream and ruin the perfect balance of taste. The pressure of fingers can also blur the perfect lines of the truffle, the fork eliminates both risks and ensures the consumers experience is optimal. Fifteen seconds of aesthetic appreciation between box and mouth.

Truffle Tips

  • The truffles need to be stored in the fridge, they are free from preservatives and the fresh cream demands they remain so until they’re ready to be devoured.Remove and bring to room temperature an hour before serving.
  • The sleek black boxes with bright golden interiors are elegant enough to serve truffles at the table. However, I like to serve mine on on fine china plates which fall into the dinnerware theme with forks in a shot glass.
  • Truffles are served in groups of 12 because they are incredibly rich, one or two servings per person is optimum.
  • Look for the red tones in the cocoa which are testimony to the premium cocoa beans used to make São Tomé cocoa. Note the straight lines of the truffle, only 5 chocolatiers in Europe work with pure ganache in this way.
  • To truly appreciate the velvety smoothness don’t bite into the truffle. It is meant to sit on the tongue and relent to the temperature of the mouth. When the truffle starts to yield, roll it about the mouth and search for the caramel notes which this modern classic has been recognised for.

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