5 home entertaining tips

Fragranced Candles

Flickering light and scent can do a lot to ensure your guests are comfortable and relaxed, ready to enjoy a pleasurable evening. Neom, Jo Malone and Diptyque all offer exceptional fragrances candles. Stay with floral notes in your ‘reception’ area which will work their subtle magic in the background but keep your dining area free from fragrance to make food the focus.

Arrival Drinks

Simple, elegant and classic drinks will set a sophisticated tone of good taste for your evening.Give guests a choice of champagne or a classic cocktail. Champagne can be served from a chilled bottle with options of hibiscus, cassis or lychee popped in after pouring. Select one of the key cocktails perhaps with a seasonal variation and scale ingredients so you have a ready – to -serve pitcher. We suggest Daiquiris, Margaritas, Caipirinhas, Tom Collins, Mojito or Martinis.  Try an Arbikie vodkatini, the creaminess of the potatoes should please both wet and dry martini lovers.

Table Dressing

Beautiful table dressing makes your celebration memorable and there are a myriad of ways to make your table memorable and special. There is plenty of inspiration to be taken from the season. Spring flowers, richly coloured summer fruits, autumn pinecones dusted with gold, holly branches with brightly coloured berries. Try floating candles (use vegetable dye to colour water) mini pots of herbs; brightly coloured, contrasting and embellished plates, mismatched cutlery, multi-toned napkins and vintage glassware.


Helping guests to get to know one another better is a wonderful way to entertain between courses or to stimulate conversation if there is a lull ‘ Who spent 4 years of their childhood in Egypt’ Its also easy to incorporate entertainment into courses. Often we taste what we’re told. Challenge your guests to identify or discover what they’re eating themselves, or share foodie tips on recognising really good smoked salmon, the difference between cocoa beans and maybe a little ‘guess the ingredients’ game.

The Personal Touch

Make guests feel cherished by adding some personal touches to your evening. Place settings are a lovely touch and remove any uncomfortable hovering, handwritten menu’s on plates will allow your guests the pleasure of anticipation and to ask for any editing. Think about a token parting gift, a little something guests can take away with them to enjoy at home and remember your evening. Keep them small yet thoughtful. Crisp, airy macarons, dark chocolate florentines or gourmet truffles are excellent choices.Wrap in tissue paper, tie with ribbon and pop in purses and pockets at the door.


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