Gamine Gastronoms Guide


An appreciation of premium food and drink need not be synonymous with an excess of weight. Rarely are the confessions of slim people to ‘eating like a horse’ true. 

Tips from slender gastronomes..

Downsize Aversions to sugar and weight concerns have more people waving away invitations to indulge in dessert. There is a way to satisfy a sweet tooth and keep calories down if you downsize. Choose mini versions especially when entertaining or eating at home. Sweet canapés, traybake cut into bite sized cubes, muffin tin cheesecakes, ramekin size crumbles.

Prioritise Company Make fellow diners the focus of your evening. Talk, ask questions, compliment. Focus on learning something about each of your companions. Talking slows down eating and gives time for the body to feel satiated sooner.

Taste Everything The first bite is always the one of intensity, pleasure, and refinement. Every subsequent taste of a dish will give you less enjoyment than the one before. Fewer bites deliver more joy – when the delight starts waning put down the fork.

Leave something In some cultures leaving food on your plate is a polite indication that you’ve had enough and haven’t overindulged. Its also a good way to stay mindful while eating, the reluctance to leave a little will decrease with each mouthful.


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