OUT with Desserts IN with sweet shots

I have a sweet tooth, always have.  It’s been a long waged battle, trying to keep a figure I like without giving up desserts and my beloved chocolate. My last meal on earth would be chocolate based. I’ve made it into quite a hobby, discovering chocolatiers and their creations, learning about cacao and how to recognise quality chocolate. While I find it easy to decline dessert when eating out, dining in I’d feel disappointed if things didn’t end on a sweet note. I’ve come to a compromise, I’ve banished desserts in favour of sweet shots. Basically much smaller portions of deliciousness which means I get to indulge but compromise on the portion size. 

I started experimenting with shot glass desserts a few weeks ago. The glasses are really easy to source and can be used for drinks as well so perfect. Spoons were a challenge until I came across some dainty vintage ones in a ‘tiffany blue’ case which reach comfortably into the bottom of a classic shot glass. 


Posset and Persimmon

Great for summer, minimal cooking ( cream, sugar, lemons), light and fresh. I love the taste of Persimmon and perched atop the glasses they look striking. May be nice to add freeze dried raspberries for a little more colour but I kept it simple.  The proportions of the glasses make it really easy to feature flowers and fruit. 


I used an orchid with the Amaretto cream with peach just because they’re so beautiful and I had an abundance at home but better to stay with edible flowers. Pansies are great, viola flowers work well or for a little decadence add white chocolate roses.


Use large strawberries, brilliant if you have to carry a few at a time – very secure nestled in the glasses. I’d also look at using some real quality white chocolate like William Curleys House White with Madagascan vanilla to make a mouse and serve with fresh raspberries and a lime disc. In fact will try that one this weekend!


Liquor & Macaron

I served cold Bailey’s a few weeks ago on a warm evening with girlfriends. Delivered an intense sweet hit while the macaron added texture and visual delight. The combinations for this sweet option are endless. Chocolate and Raspberry macaron would have worked better than the Raspberry and Pistachio but they were on hand. Think about colour, seasonal or flavour themes. Midori with Melon macaron, Chamboise with Blackberry macaron, Amaretto with Apricot macaron, Arbikie Strawberry vodka with vanilla macaron. 


Cacao balls with coffee

I absolutely love these, a delicious combo of cacao nibs, coconut, coconut oil, hazelnuts and dates.  Not my recipe, curtesy of Madeline Shaw. Sticky and satisfying, I find two are enough to satiate my sweet tooth after dinner. If I’m serving them to guests I’ll pop them into mini cupcake cases and serve them with coffee or put them onto china plates at either end of the table so people can help themselves I’ve yet to experiment adding a little liquor ( sorry Maddie!) but its on the list as well as dried cherries added to the mix.


Bite Sized Brownies

One of my all time favourites. This is a really simple option as the brownies can be bought or made and cut into bite sized pieces. I’ve used Chocolate Tree Turkish Coffee chocolate for mine which was a good call. The cardamom adds an unexpected and refined element which I like but there are a thousand different options. Just ensure you use quality ingredients. Find a chocolatier on the Scottish Chocolatiers Network and start experimenting!

Stripchocolat copy

Champagne Jelly with Popaballs

Light, low fat and summery, jellies can be set in bespoke glassware and are a feast for the eyes. Traditionally this grown up jelly is made with berries suspended in it but I wanted something a little more refined and used Popaballs. I’m obsessed! The small glass ramekins I used had a channel in the base so the balls just fell effortlessly into it and set in a precise pattern. Serve with champagne cream.








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